Aimos – Giorgos Gravias – 2007


aimosGuitarist Giorgos Gravias’ new Instrumental CD Album, titled Aimos, is out now on MusicMirror. Giorgos Gravias, guitarist, with his unique way of playing the guitar, performs his favorite traditional tunes clearly paying a tribute to the broader Balkan Sound adding images of the Greek Countryside and a pioneer kind of musical soul searching.

Giannis Konstantinidis’ ingenious arrangements, the collaboration of leading musicians under Manolis Carpathios’ supervision are a trademark for this Album. An album that binds the old with the new and unfolds charismatic Gravias’ unparallel musicality but also his particularly interesting technique.

Respect for tradition combined with the new technology is characteristic of the tracks.
Giorgos Gravias’ album is a new approach to the music genre under which the album is categorized.

 CD Contents
Giorgos Gravias – Emos
Traditional Songs on Guitar
01.Argitiko (from Argos)
02.Melachrino (Dark Coloured)
03.Amarantos (Amaranth)
04.Machedonitiko (Macedonian)
05.Contoula Lemonia (Short lemon Tree)
06.Milo mou kokkino (My red apple)
07.Michrasiatiko (Of Asia Minor)
08.Alphavitari tis Agapis (ABC of Love)
09.Pentozalis (Cretan Dance- Pentozali)
11.Mais (May)
12.Kir Costakis (mr Costakis)
13.Pera stous pera Campous (Far in the farfields)
14.Epilogos (Epilogue)     

The musicians who took part:
Giannis Konstantinides: Bass, Keyboards.
Manolis Carpathios: Kanun
Manolis Kottoros: Violin
Vassilis Economou: Percussion
Vassilis Backogiannis: Clarinet, Flute.
Marina Manolakou: Vocals
Arrangements: Giannis Constanides
Production Supervision: Manolis Carpathios
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